Hey, Anthony Kennedy

Yeah, you.

You handed your seat on the Supreme Court over to a shady client of your son's business, in a deal whereby he would appoint your loose cannon of a former law clerk to take your place.

So now, this thing that's happening with abortion in Texas? This thing that will probably trash public respect for the Court and set the country back a good 50 years? That's on you, Mr. Kennedy. That's how you will be remembered, you and your powerful "connections."

I hope you can live with it.

I don't think you are a bad man. But neither do I think you're a smart one.


  1. Basically good but stupid. Bad combination.

  2. Pressure was prolly pretty great on Kennedy by the powers that be to retire more than his individual character...

    Why should there be public respect for the supreme court anyway?
    Its record as an institution is pretty abysmal.
    Either make it 300 million people/all of us/more of a joke than it is or ignore it entirely?

    Maybe brown v. board but if you look when all those lovely 50s catholic / private schools went up (IDK if it's really reasonable to think the court had foreknowledge of this)...

    It's kinda like the water tower & community garden sites for homeless camps for cases...they've already shmoozed with exxon or whoever on their sicko corporate retreats and picked the 6 sites/cases and the rest is just a nice wide blanket/smoke screen to throw of the 72 proposed sites or whatever just for media attention to rile us rubes up...

    You have to be a real sicko to be a supreme court justice.

    It's gonna be 8-1 for any labor law decisions, headlines about abortion that's defacto impractical/illegal in deep south red states for poor people already...IDK that this is really a deviation from the norm here?

    Although you gotta wonder what John Roberts is thinking...the reason you got a smart cool headed company man in that position is to see what are the lay of the land for what are long term goals and what are short term and where to sacrifice short term goals for long term goals. Keeping frat boy Brett on the leash might be a pain, but he makes good headlines. The rest seems straight forward enough. *shrug*

    Also love that they're all catholic psychos among the reactionaries and harvard & yale guys...they can't even get a wasp no more (I guess they can't read/they're getting a little too party animal class inbred late hapsburgian?) or much less anyone who went to a state school or read law as an apprentice or worked as a writer...
    ...I guess the guys who went thru catholic school know how to read still...give it a few years yet...if there's anyone in the catholic church in the 1st world in a generation...

    And of the democrat appointed ones, they won't strategically retire/seem to just love their position even if their impact is uh...about zilch & has been since marshall croaked/the 12 years of Reagan & H.W. Bush did wonders...
    if anything Souter & Stevens in practical terms were the most sensible. The republicans will never let another Souter happen...they learned quick enough with that and nixed W's attroney...
    ...Stevens IDK what happened there...is it that things have drifted so far to the right for corporate capture/labor/tax and wealth apportionment, or is it that he also was flexible with the times and started out as a bit more of a pro business hardliner and somehow became less of a company man/reactionary sicko or a little bit of both?

    Washington generals of political parties the dems are, content to lose so they don't have actually do anything their base wants for the most part...
    ...or maintain their and /they're consultants positions if their back's against the wall or it would risk totally invalidating them like the Whigs or they're in a democrat deathstar where all good ideas/pressure from below goes to die! (Chicago, NYC area, LA area, and now Oregon too now that it's getting pretty well californicated) they'll fight like hell to keep any social/labor based social democrat out!

    They go for smaller bore/practical stuff in places where they're on shaky ground like Tucson, AZ & it ain't gonna be real cushy or usually glamorous for them and their idiot cousins/consultants/patronage on the old Tammany hall crooks model (tho joe biden is maybe the last that's even especially close to that and his brain is mostly gone and he's gotta be days away from death).


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