Here are the Week 2 underdogs

Players in our charity game, you know what to do. Lurkers, there's still time to get into the mix. It's way early in the season. The rules are here. The address is

13 ATLANTA at Tampa Bay

12.5 HOUSTON at Cleveland

10.5 DETROIT at Green Bay (Monday night, pick still due Sunday morning)

6 NEW YORK JETS vs. New England


5.5 LAS VEGAS at Pittsburgh

5.5 TENNESSEE at Seattle

4 INDIANAPOLIS vs. Los Angeles Rams

4 MINNESOTA at Arizona

3.5 CAROLINA vs. New Orleans

3.5 PHILADELPHIA vs. San Francisco

3.5 BALTIMORE vs. Kansas City

3 MIAMI vs. Buffalo

3 DALLAS at Los Angeles Chargers

3 NEW YORK GIANTS at Washington (pick due Thursday at 5:20 p.m. PDT)

3 CINCINNATI at Chicago

Good luck, everybody.


  1. This is a weird slate this week. Some numbers I just don't get, and tempting doggies up and down the slate.


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