Here are our players' first underdog picks

The first week of our charity pro football underdog game has produced this first set of fine picks:

7.5 DETROIT vs. San Francisco - Paul

7.5 CHICAGO at Los Angeles Rams - Annie B.

6.5 PITTSBURGH at Buffalo - JC, Mojo, Mad Dog, Kosar19, CrimsonCrud

4.5 LAS VEGAS vs. Baltimore (Monday; pick was still due this morning) - Gordon, Evil O, Eric, DB, Buster Douglas

4.5 NEW YORK JETS at Carolina - TJ

4 NEW ORLEANS vs. Green Bay (in Jacksonville) - PDXileinOmaha

3.5 PHILADELPHIA at Atlanta - SteveO, No Chance in Hell

3 CINCINNATI vs. Minnesota - Meow

2.5 NEW YORK GIANTS vs. Denver - Bad Picker

Previously picked (but unsuccessful):

8 DALLAS at Tampa Bay (Thursday night) - Drew

There were no takers for:

6 CLEVELAND at Kansas City

3 HOUSTON vs. Jacksonville

3 MIAMI at New England

3 ARIZONA at Tennessee

2.5 INDIANAPOLIS vs. Seattle

1 WASHINGTON vs. Los Angeles Chargers

IMPORTANT NOTE: This post has been updated to include last-hour entries this morning. Please let me know if I have missed anyone.

Also note: Although I am throwing in an entry fee for myself, I've decided that I'm not actually playing in our game, because I see everyone's picks as they come in, and that could give me a strategic advantage, particularly as the season nears its end. 

Good luck, players! 


  1. I wish I cared enough about sports to participate but I do love the doggie pictures.


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