He got half a page

I'm sure Norm would have something dry, and possibly devastating, to say about that, if he were here.

One thing that all the obituary writers seem to have missed: Didn't Macdonald coin the phrase "fake news"? He used to refer to his "Weekend Update" segment on Saturday Night Live as "the fake news." Maybe I missed it, but I never heard anyone say that before he did. Given how that phrase has become a major part of American politics, you would think it would have received a mention.


  1. He carved out his own space in comedy, which is really rare. Brilliant guy, that everyone recognized as a great talent, but when they tried to monetize it by putting him in a sitcom, or anything but his own preferred venues (standup and interview), it never quite worked out, because he didn't really care whether it bombed or not. I think he was happy to take the paydays when they were offered, but can't imagine him ever pitching anything like a tv show. The best of the remembrances that I have seen is by his friend Bob Saget. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yEYu-7BkNDM

  2. The sports show was an edgy mess, and hysterical.

    1. Damn you. There went four hours of my life watching the entire run of Sport Show, which I had never seen. Amazing and delightful.

    2. Norm was a dude. Read the book: "Based on a True Story." It has some moments.

    3. It's in my hold queue at the good old MultCo Library.


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