Dubious distinction

Here's one I didn't see coming: Portland and San Francisco are the two worst big cities in America when it comes to people living without indoor plumbing. Portland is at 0.6% of the households, and the number of "unplumbed" households here was up from the year 2000.

And because these numbers are based on data from the Census Bureau, I doubt that they include people with no roof over their heads. Lord knows, Portland and San Francisco each have thousands of those to add to their totals.

Go by streetcar!


  1. https://www.greatlakesnow.org/2020/11/plumbing-poverty-urban-residents-study/

    “ The next step is to investigate why numbers are high in certain areas and not in others. One of the weaknesses of the Census data, he said, is that it’s not clear why a person says they don’t have plumbing services. Is it because their water has been shut off for several months due to unpaid bills? Or is it because there is no piped connection to their house? Or are they living on the streets but have a mailing address?”


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