Bad Boy Brian is living it up

I was wrong.

I read this story in the O last month as saying that disgraced former Portland police union president Brian Hunzeker was back on the job following his suspension. But I was reading it wrong, apparently. 

Today, the Weed reports that Hunzeker is still sitting at home on paid administrative leave in connection with the infamous Jo Ann Hardesty slander incident, which is now six months old. The "investigation," which smells an awful lot like a coverup, is still supposedly going on. Hunzeker admittedly made a big "mistake" in the Hardesty saga, but God forbid the public should know what it was. Supposedly even the police chief and the mayor don't know. Which is a total fabrication, of course.

Anyway, today we learn that Hunzeker is still picking up some sweet overtime pay by showing up in traffic court. Classic Portland government, where nothing succeeds like failure.