Average Portlanders had better do something, quick

This heartbreaking story leaves no doubt that the destruction of Portland is accelerating.

... the battery of bullets fired early Sunday, awakening people along a short stretch of Northeast 95th Avenue between Wygant and Prescott Street.

More than 100 bullets flew along the residential street shortly after 4 a.m. – the latest barrage in a year of record-breaking gunfire.

Residents dove under their beds or dropped to their floors as they waited for what seemed like an uninterrupted five minutes of gunshots to end.

Portland police recovered more than 130 bullet casings, apparently fired from one or more of the three cars that were caught on surveillance heading south on the Parkrose street, just east of Interstate 205. Small one-family homes line the east side of the dead-end street just south of Northeast Sandy Boulevard, and apartment complexes hug the west side.

Gerrolyn Zenter said the shots were loud and there were a lot.

Her three children – two boys, ages 8 and 6, and a 7-year-old girl – dove to the floor.

“All we could do was keep our kids safe. Lay down, don’t move,” she said. “All you could do was just sit there and hope that it ends.”

It is way past time for the empty polo shirt sitting behind the mayor's desk, the empty uniform in the police chief's office, the empty suits in the city attorney's office, and the worthless jackasses in the police union, to cut a freaking deal and stop the bloodshed that is killing off this city.

But what will make them do what so far they're too lazy and ignorant to do? It's going to take major action by the average person in Portland. Marches and demonstrations, I guess. Maybe a tax strike. Something that will get their attention and not let go.

We are running out of time.