An Oregonian subscription? No.

 It's not worth the money.


  1. My mom had a decades long subscription to the Oregonian that we kept up even when she had mid-stage dementia, and would only read the first page over and over. It made her happy so no big deal and she would freak if the paper didn’t come for whatever reason. Which happened more than necessary for whatever reason.

    I had a running battle with them over that damned paper as her eyesight wasn’t what it used to be, and they had this strange habit of using teeny type for the articles while the graphics were gigantic. I don’t know who they think their readership is, but it sure isn’t anyone under the age of 55 or even 60 years old. I even called (out of frustration) the editor of the paper a few times. Forgot her name and she actually agreed with me if you can believe that. Nice lady, but she said that the formatting was something “that all of the papers were doing” so they were doing it too. Or something to that effect.

    Add to that the shrinking content and the shrinking number of days it is printed and I don’t think the “O” is long for this world.

  2. We have been getting The Oregonian for over 30 years and I'm over it. If my wife wants to pay the bill for the crossword puzzles so be it but I'm through with it. The Sunday Funnies with Dick Tracy and Lil Abner were some of my earliest reading material so my relationship with 'The Big O' is a long one but I agree it's worthless. Even if it was free I'd want my money back.


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