Where there's smoke

I'll always have a soft spot in my heart for the Portland fire department. I have needed them only once, nearly 18 years ago, but when I did, they came through for me.

That said, here's an absolutely outrageous story about one of their current personnel. He's running a pot shop on the side, and police say that when he identifies a person he believes stole some of his weed, he and some other dudes drive downtown, kidnap the guy, pistol-whip him, drive him to Estacada, and throw him in a storage container. Allegedly.

Other than that, he's a nice guy. Douglas Lee Bourland, 46 years old, according to this blow-by-blow account by Maxine of the O.

This being Portland, the vehicle in which the abduction allegedly took place had no license plates, of course.

I wonder what the fire commissioner, Jo Ann Hardesty, thinks of it all. Meanwhile, make up your own joke about blazing.


  1. Makes me think of Willie Conklin the fat fireman in the movie Ragtime
    . James Cagney calls him a 'Useless piece of slime'.

  2. Kind of predictable with the lack of prosecutions of person/property crimes in Portland. Pot stores are frequently targeted for robberies. If the police/DA are unable (unwilling) to protect them, Tony Soprano will eventually fill the void.

  3. I'm thinking the guy that got the beatdown was an employee at the pot shop.


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