The most worthless police department in the country

The Portland, Oregon police bureau takes the cake again and again as the nation's most incompetent – or malicious. Yesterday was a clear case in point. A bunch of Proud Boys descended on the Parkrose High School parking lot and the K-Mart lot across busy 122nd Avenue, and when the Antifa avengers of all societal wrongs confronted them, there was beaucoup violence. 

The street fighting was scheduled well in advance, and the police dog-whistled all week that they were going to let it go.

At least two vehicles were trashed, one overturned. People were hit with clubs. Firearms of various kinds were discharged. "Patriot" cosplayers were literally standing in the middle of 122nd Avenue pointing guns at people as normal Portlanders tried to get by. Innocent families just out shopping ran around dodging loud fireworks that exploded on the ground, and clouds of bear mace.

It went on for the better part of an hour. We all watched it unfold, live on Twitter. In broad daylight.

The number of Portland police who showed up? That would be zero.  I'm not kidding.  Zero.

Emboldened, the right-wing militia types headed downtown, where the battle resumed featuring live ammunition. Here's a fun Sunday afternoon at Second and Yamhill:

I don't think anybody was hit by the bullets, luckily, but a couple of people were beaten out in Parkrose. And the whole scene on social media looked like the Kabul Airport.

It is not an overstatement to say that the government of the City of Portland has failed completely. The miserable excuse we have for a police chief should resign immediately. It's about a year overdue. And the jerk who is the mayor, Ted Wheeler, owes it to all of us to recruit a viable successor – and I don't mean his new BFF, the even worse creep Sam Adams – and resign.

I am embarrassed, ashamed really, to live here any more. You won't catch me downtown any time soon. In fact, there are a lot of places in Portland you just shouldn't go any more.


  1. PPB couldn't be bothered to show up for the racer delinquents extended and dangerous take-over of the Fremont bridge last night either. It is hard to imagine an easier location to blockade and start making arrests than a bridge.

  2. Maybe this is becoming normalized out there but it sounds fucking insane from where I’m sitting on the East Coast.


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