Rare common sense in Portlandia

Here's a stunning story: Amazon money has come in to expand the homeless shelter in the old Wapato Jail from 126 beds to 318.

It's pretty clear what's happened here. City and county governments – and that dopey extra layer of bureaucracy known as Metro – are completely failing in their approach to the mess on Portland streets. Jordan Schnitzer and Betsy Johnson, on the other hand, are getting stuff done. I'm sure it is not perfect, but it's something.

Dud Wheeler and Deadly Deborah (whose house was picketed on Friday by people tired of the street camping, among other things) should be mortified. Maybe Mirror-Mirror-on-the-Wall will tell them.


  1. That is my big idea. Instead of "taxing the rich" which never works because they write the tax code, make them fix issues or we just take their assets. Hey Bill Gates, fix the homeless issue in Seattle or we take 10% of your assets every year.


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