Just what we need at this point

You sit there, reading the news, and you wish the Portland City Council could succeed at something. Anything. But really, no. A failure at every turn.

Now here's city commissioner Jo Ann Hardesty mouthing off at the governor about how the latter isn't putting "congestion pricing" into effect fast enough.

Hardesty is joined in this little tantrum by Metro Council president Lynn Peterson and Multnomah County commissioner Jessica Vega Pedersen. All delusional car haters dedicated to forcing people with lives out of the city and far into the suburbs.

It's hard to keep hope alive. Next thing you know, you're on Zillow, typing in "Canby" and "Camas."


  1. “Next thing you know, you're on Zillow, typing in "Canby" and "Camas."’

    Is that what BoJack is doing?


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