Isn't it time to shut the state down again?

I remember when Covid started and everything was shut down for many months. That drastic step was taken because otherwise, the hospitals would be overwhelmed.

Well, in several parts of Oregon, the hospitals are now quite clearly overwhelmed. They're asking for field hospitals to be set up in their parking lots. They're sending patients out of the state. They're cancelling everything but dealing with the coronavirus.

The governor, Killer Kate, is calling out the National Guard, which is lovely, but what are they going to do, set up the makeshift morgues? And apparently it takes a week to get them anywhere.

The facts are that too many people haven't been vaccinated, and that too many people insist on going about their daily lives without wearing face masks and acting like nothing's going on. The virus loves it.

At some point the hard decision is going to have to be made to start locking things down again. The longer it takes to face that music, the more people who will die, and not just from Covid. At the outset, Killer Kate was super-cautious, which was to her credit. But in year 2, she's switched over to playing the politics. 

It's not going well. It's going to get worse. Wait 'til the schools open.