“I must go seek some dewdrops here"

By whatever calendar you choose – lunar, academic, sports – we are now conclusively past midsummer. Shakespeare aficionados may have another dream or two left, but we are clearly moving into a new phase. Tonight is the new moon. The big meteor shower is starting. We will have school, of some kind, in just a few weeks.

It's the time of year when you realize how important it is to soak up every sun ray your system can tolerate, to catch every summer color while the tilt of the earth commandeers your attention. Usually, we Portlanders feel this in our bones, but it's been so hot and dry for so long this year that we're hearing our neighbors, who look at the forecast for 100 degrees in a few days, say, "Enough! I'm sick of this."

No. No, you can't think that way. 

Take in the light and the heat before the darkness falls. Find some shade in which to take a break now and then. The fruit, the vegetables in the yard, even the obscenely expensive fish in the market – get them while you can and live it up. Eat some pie. If you can bring the people you love around you to share it with, all the better.


  1. Sorry, but I've been doing rain dances for weeks now. I've blue eyes and blonde hair; I don't tan, I stroke.
    I have no desire to seek out the wild melanoma.

    This is not normal and I'm sick of it. Enough!

  2. I have a very abnormal aversion to heat of any kind. Anything over 70 degrees indoors is uncomfortable. Anything over about 80 degrees outdoors is cause for me to hide inside. This summer I have spent maybe a total of 10 hours out in the sun.

    I hate this weather but what can you do? I just don’t want to ever hear “I like Portland but I wish it wasn’t so cold and rainy”, or some variation of ever again. For me it’s the same as the people that complain about diversity, or the lack thereof, and then ensconce themselves in a part of town where everyone looks just like them. These kind of people just like to flap their gums just to hear their own voice or something. Portland has always had hot summers, and they act like we are Greenland or something in regards to weather.


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