A stubborn fungus

The Laurelhurst Park squatters who were routed in a homeless camp sweep a month ago went to live at Sunnyside School for a while, but they got kicked out of there and are back at the park. The city keeps putting up a fence, but some enablers with a truck are coming in at night and taking it down. 

And so the unhappy neighbors, totally understandably, are starting to hassle the campers. And the kids at the Weed are more or less calling the neighbors vigilantes

It could get even uglier than it has been already over there. Somebody is going to get hurt in one of these confrontations.

If only there were a group of armed, sworn officers with uniforms and badges who could enforce the laws, this kind of thing wouldn't happen. You could call them on the phone and they would come to the location of the lawbreaking and restore order. Wouldn't that be something? But we don't have that here in Portland.