Yoo hoo! Ellen!

Here's a hot tip for the state attorney general and rumored gubernatorial candidate, Ellen Rosenblum. Apparently, the current governor, Killer Kate, may have her hand in the taxpayer cookie jar

Under an arrangement dating back to early 2020, Brown hired her former communications director Chris Pair through a no-bid state contract at a rate of $6,500 a month to attend weekly meetings of the Western Governors Association on expanding electric vehicle infrastructure, the governor’s signature initiative during her time as chair of the group. So far the state has paid Pair $91,000 under the contract, according to the governor’s press secretary.

During the same time, Brown also paid Pair an undisclosed amount through her political action committee for work that she has declined to describe, beyond saying it was unrelated to state business.

Time for an audit, Attorney General Rosenblum!

And it's another energy scam. Those grow like weeds.