Yet more normalization

The problems plaguing Portland are daunting. But the sadness they generate doesn't get any better when you see that the city is just declaring them the new normal and moving on to other things.

Here's the latest message from City Hall: Go ahead, live in a zombie RV. The city will come and pump out your waste for free.

What a town. Heroin's legal. Go ahead and park your RV anywhere you want and the city pumps out your wastewater for free. Do they think that is going to discourage or encourage people from coming here from elsewhere to live on the street?

It appears Seattle got to this point first, but they don't have the legal smack to boast of.

Portland needs some tough love in the worst way, but there's none in sight. No wonder long-time taxpayers are saying, "One, two, three, Woodburn!"


  1. Pretty soon, they're going to run out of other people's money. BTW did you see the piece in the "O" today about how Metro overestimated the Homeless Bond measure levy revenue by 16%?

    1. Yeah, instead of $2.5 BILLION, they'll have only $2.1 BILLION. They'll only make it worse. Deadly Deborah actually thinks everyone's getting an apartment.

  2. How much longer before they declare backyards are fair game for camping?


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