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Here's an intriguing story. New York Times columnist Nick Kristof is floating the idea of running for governor of Oregon. Or at least, his friends are floating it, and he's not stopping them.

Kristof was originally from Yamhill, and he apparently moved back there a couple of years ago.

Oregon needs an alternative to the people currently holding power in the Democratic Party. Tina Kotek, Peter Courtney, Kate Brown, Ted Wheeler, Ellen Rosenblum, Deborah Kafoury, Tobias Read – they're duds, at best. Could Kristof be that alternative? And where would he get money?

He probably thinks that his being back on the farm could get him some votes from the center and right in a general election. But if I were he, I wouldn't count on that. He's written millions of words that the Trumpies would wheel back out to haunt him.

But it would make for a lively Democratic primary, wouldn't it?


  1. Oregon is doomed. The "woke" cry babies will vote for whomever they are told to vote for. And people that suffered from Trump Derangement Syndrome, are not mentally fit to serve office- but of course that wont keep them from being elected.

    1. Dude, give the Fox News stuff a rest. Yiou're jumping the shark.

  2. Interesting the Secretary of State isn’t on your list. I’d pay to watch her debate Kristof.


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