The variant gets a whole family – including the vaxxed

All four members of this household contracted it. Three were fully vaccinated, and two of those have symptoms.

The doctor who gave me my test results said that this Delta variant is frightening and unpredictable; showing a velocity and ease of transition that she wishes people understood and took seriously. She has been alarmed by how quickly it has spread and by how many people are still avoiding the vaccine, giving the virus an advantage it shouldn’t have at this point.

I’m hopefully in the worst of it now: congestion, headache, body aches, cough, fatigue, etc. I lost my sense of taste and smell (which for a devoted foodie is torture) but overall it feels like a very bad cold, which feels like good news. I shudder to think how bad it might have been had we not been vaccinated.

Wear your mask when you're around other people.


  1. Three members of the family were vaccinated. The fourth was too young to be eligible at 11. She developed symptoms and tested positive while on a family vacation. The entire family isolated from the outside world after her positive test but not from each other, as in they did not wear masks indoors with their young, symptomatic daughter, and all three fully vaccinated family members later tested positive, two (the parents) with symptoms like a very bad cold.

    In the interest of accuracy, I think the details are important for those who don't follow the links provided. The larger point of the importance of masks is well made.


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