The truth hurts

I see the Weed has a story up today calling attention to the Instagram account "portlandlookslikeshit." The story gives members of the homeless industrial complex a chance to cluck their tongues at how cruel it is for that account to show what happens on the streets of Portland. The images are a hindrance to the social worker types' ongoing campaign to normalize the degradation and filth.

I have no problems with "portlandlookslikeshit," because it's telling the truth. Portland does look like shit. In fact, it doesn't just look like it, it is it. And with a $2 BILLION-plus 10-year budget approved by the voters more than eight months ago, we're still getting next to nothing done to clean it up.

The campers of Portland need some tough love in the worst way. That's a long way off, if it ever gets here. But the first step is acknowledging how bad it's gotten. That Instagram account, which may now get double the followers it previously had, is performing an important public service.


  1. I believe portlandlookslikeshit was on Facebook before it was taken down.

    I'm glad you mentioned the "homeless industrial complex." I felt this way back about 15 years ago when the City said it was going to end homelessness in 10 years. The cynic in me at the time asked why would those who earn a living from this want to succeed and work themselves out of of job. Well, time has proved me right. Millions and millions have been spent, at least on salaries, the the problem has only gotten worse. There is absolutely now reason to succeed. If funding is cut due to lack of progress or positive results,, the same people you referenced above will complain how heartless the City is behaving. It seems like the goal now is to use all that money to normalize the behavior. Look at how the City is moving to create sanctioned campsites. If they believe everyone on the street will move to those locations, I've got a bridge to Vancouver I can sell them.


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