The good fight

An alert reader directed me to this monthy report from the Oregon health authorities on "breakthrough" Covid cases, that is, cases in which fully vaccinaed people still caught the disease. It's not all the data everyone might want to see, but it is still pretty revealing.

Of the 7241 cases of Covid identified in the state in June, 92 percent were in people who had not been fully vaccinated. By my amateur math, that means that there were 579 cases among the fully vaccinated and 6662 cases among those who weren't fully vaccinated. During the month, 63 people died of Covid in the state, of which 94 percent (by my math, 59 people) were not fully vaccinated.

If you do get hit by a "breakthrough" infection, you may not get that sick. Through June, there were 1790 breakthrough cases statewide, only 191 of which required hospitalization.

I wish they would attach all the data to these press releases, so that we could see where, if anywhere, they're shading the results. When they say stuff like, "OHA is not reporting the regions in which the deaths took place," I just want to scream.

Anyway, I'm glad I got the shots, and I pity the people who can't or won't get theirs.