More Portland cops live in Washington than in Portland

Alex Z. at the Merc has the data here.

[O]nly 78 percent of all sworn PPB officers live in Oregon. While the majority of out-of-state cops reside in Washington, PPB officers also have addresses in Alexandria, VA, El Dorado Hills, CA, Conroe, TX, and a town called Surprise, AZ.

Clackamas is the county home to the most PPB officers, with nearly thirty percent living in Clackamas County ZIP codes. Most of those residents live in Happy Valley, Oregon City, West Linn, and Sandy. Multnomah County is home to 23 percent of PPB officers, and 19 percent live in Washington County.

There's a big part of your police problems right there. Read the whole thing; it's pretty interesting.


  1. I understand that ti would be great to live in the community they serve, but can you blame them. property taxes in Multnomah County and particularly Portland are punitive to say the least. I seem to remember sometime in the long dark past the city tried to legislate that employees had to live within the city limits but it didn't pass muster in the courts.

    1. They all pay Oregon income tax on their cop salaries, plus Washington sales tax. Doesn't sound like tax planning to me. Are property taxes up there that much lower? Portland should pay a bonus to cover the difference. It would be worth it.


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