Loose cannon Portland cops on parade

Those bad boys of the Portland police are in the news again.

Here's one to get your dander up. Fired for misconduct, then reinstated, with pay, by an arbitrator. This outcome is so familiar that it rolls off the tongue. I certainly hope that with the new police review system, voted in by a 4-to-1 margin, and the reccent revisions to state law, we aren't going to see much more of this garbage. Show these aribtrator weasels the door. If cops quit over it, they weren't worth keeping.

Then here's a new lawsuit over a cop who went all G.I. Joe on some protester's face last summer. For all the gassing and violence, the PoPo still let downtown slip away. Who knows if and when it will ever come back? In the meantime, the taxpayers will probably get to shell out big bucks to cover the damages to the demonstrator, plus his attorney's fees.

It's a just a few bad apples, folks. A few per week.