It was fireworks

I see the authorities are now confirming that the fatal apartment complex fire down the street from us was caused by fireworks that ignited a plastic dumpster. The cops are still looking for whoever might have set them off.

You have to wonder what will happen if and when the culprit is captured. When a foolish 15-year-old from Vancouver set the whole Columbia Gorge on fire five years ago, the official response was "Boys will be boys," and "We all did stupid stuff at some point in our lives." The kid was given an astronomical fine that he can never fully pay, but he did no jail time, and his name has been successfully concealed from public view.

If that's what's going to happen with this double homicide, they might as well not even bother hunting the killer down.


  1. Just a few blocks from my house, too. Stupidity brings such shame and pain.

  2. That's not the worst of it, Jack. I live a few blocks away and have spoken with a few of the survivors and they have mostly been left to fend on their own. The Red Cross has been out and out negligent. One survivor told me the Red Cross wanted them to prove they lived in the building. WTF? It's 4am they are standing in front of an inferno in their pj's some barefoot, reeking of smoke. A group of them had to go and shelter at the 7/11 for awhile. Some people have still NOT been provided with motel rooms. A few are living in their vehicle, another staying at a shelter at night. Two people went 5 days without their insulin. Another tells me that the Red Cross hasn't returned his calls in 3 days. I am sickened by this. These people have NO assets. They should have immediately been given Oregon Trail cards for food stamps, been put on the Oregon Health Plan, and been put into motel rooms the same day as the fire.Why should the young woman in a hospital who was in a coma have to worry about her medical bills? The City and the Red Cross have FAILED these people. Imagine jumping off balconies and running through flames to escape an inferno, watching several of your neighbors burn to death in front of you., and losing every single thing you own (including your beloved pets), These people must have major PTSD, at the very least. They should be housed immediately. I can't imagine going through this and trying to deal with PTSD while living in cars, shelters and friend's couches. The neighborhood is doing what we can, and we are all happy to do it, but these people are DUE health care and food stamps.


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