Grandpa's dead, look at me

Multnomah County today released a lovely glossy report on some of the people who died in the heat wave two weeks ago. The report is here.

Incredibly, at the top of the very first page, we get to see this:

Who in God's name are these people, and why are we looking at them?

As you wonder why Multnomah County has way more than half the state's deaths with only about a fifth of the population, I guess they are the people to send the thank-you notes to.

But stop the presses! Deadly Deborah has a message for us all: 

“We need to work together as humans to save our planet right now,” she said.

Isn't that special? 

There's actually some decent information in the report, but on the whole, this crew seems pretty clueless. Better get an air conditioner or two, kids. And an earthquake kit. 


  1. I'm sure a goodly chuck of change was spent on the slick and glossy but for what purpose?

    1. Most of it is weather information. Nothing in there about what they did or didn't do by way of preparedness. There's some new information about the dead, but that could have been done in a page and a half.

  2. Debbie Downer should be reminded to 'Mind her own yard'.

  3. Reminds me of a meeting on homelessness that I attended. Several bigwigs in the city were there (commissioners, police, mayor, etc.). They spent most of the time giving us their resumes and not much else. You couldn't ask a question unless you wrote it down. None of my questions were answered. When Fish said that things were so much better and was patting himself on the back, I finally could not stand it. I said you must be living in a different city than I am. I got applause and then the shut the meeting down. We don't have leadership. We just have self-aggrandizing passive aggressive liars.

    1. Perhaps it shows that they take better care of the homeless than the rest of us. Sure seems that way.


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