Do they get Fox News in the intensive care unit?

Those red parts of Oregon that don't like vaccines may want to reconsider that stance in light of the new case numbers coming out of Umatilla, the county of which Pendleton is the seat. Today the state is reporting 32 new cases there, out of a population of only 80,000 or so. In contrast, Multnomah County, with roughly 10 times that many residents, reports only 22 new cases, with a 10-day daily average of less than 23.

Last week, the new cases in Umatilla were 15 to 20 a day. The last three days were 30, 27, and now the 32. The virus seems to be having a good time out there.

I read an interview with a doctor yesterday in which he said that he wouldn't let his 80-year-old mom go to the Pendleton Round-up this year, even though she is fully vaccinated. That's an "even though" clause that I'm hearing a little more frequently every day. When the kids go back into their grammar school buildings, I'll be holding my breath.