Deb and the Double Dub

The Weed has an interesting profile this week of Deadly Deborah, the Latest Kafoury. It's not a hit piece, exactly, but it not-so-subtly leaves the county chair in a bad light. And somewhere buried way down in there is quick mention of the fact that she's a potential rival in the Democratic primary for governor against the wife of the publication's publisher.

Sometimes the WW goes at people head on, like they did with Eileen Brady when she ran for mayor of Portland, but other times they opt for death by a thousand cuts. They opened a few deep ones with this piece.

It almost seems like a warning. "Nice career you got here. It would be a shame if something happened to it."

Not that Kafoury doesn't deserve it. She's been the brains behind Multnomah County's response to homelessness. My God, you couldn't find a more epic failure no matter how hard you looked. Let's hope she declares victory, finds herself a nice six-figure gig with a nonprofit somewhere in the homeless industrial complex, and lets somebody moderately capable handle the public side of the tent camp debacle.