Coco k.o.'d

American tennis star Coco Gauff has caught Covid and can't play in the Olympics. I haven't seen any word yet on whether she's a breakthrough case or just didn't get vaccinated.

Gauff is only 17 years old, and so she'll likely have other shots at Olympic glory in the future. In fact, if I were she, I'd be relieved to have an excuse not to schlep to Tokyo. With no fans present, the spectacle and pageantry just won't be there like they should be. It's already a year late, and there will always be an asterisk next to it in the history books.

Even if the games were up to snuff, I'm not sure the Olympics are such a high priority for a professional tennis player. Those athletes represent their country every time they step onto a court. There's always that little flag next to their name. And everywhere other than in the Olympics, they get paid. 

In contrast, the Olympics are just a chance to get hurt. Plus, this time around the Olympic Village will be an uptight lockdown scene, and if you get sick over there, I'm not sure how or when you get home.

Staying in the States, she can ride out the virus and get some rest before tuning up for the U.S. Open in New York. It starts up on August 30.