Chillin' with Killer Kate

Here's a most unflattering story about Oregon's chief executive's whereabouts while, as one reader bluntly puts it, "old disabled people died in public housing with no AC and no way to get help." The Guv was hanging at the groovy and climate-controlled Sokol Blosser winery in the Dundee Hills.

Gov. Kate Brown spent the third and hottest day of Oregon’s deadly June heat wave at a daylong retreat at a Yamhill County winery.

The governor’s decision to stick with a scheduled June 28 strategic planning meeting with her top staffers in the state’s idyllic wine country as Oregonians confronted deadly temperatures that killed more than 100 underscores the apparent failure of the state’s top elected leader to understand — and communicate to the public — the gravity of the heat emergency.

With a year and a half left in her time in office, you'd think she would be choosing her next job, and figuring out how to use her powers to get it. But her remaining capital is swirling around the drain so quickly at this point, she may have to retire or get a real job. Between the winery fiasco, her wacky victory party, and the vaccine consultants asking her to please get lost for a while, she's having quite a month. And it's only half over.


  1. And to think, she replaced Kitzhaber! hahah, what a mess!

  2. We shouldn’t bother the Governor with pesky things like death and suffering while she is trying to discern the hint of cherry in her Pinot. This is more egregious than Senator Cruz who left a freezer in Texas for Mexico. While his actions were tone deaf and showed a total lack of leadership, he technically didn’t have jurisdiction. She is the self declared supreme commander in this emergency run state. The fact that this is not all over the national media and Cruz was proves to be another disgraceful example of how the press has become so biased it might as well be the marketing arm of the DNC.


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