Cascadia carnage

As we bemoan the gang warfare and other deadly gun violence in Portland, it's worth noting that things have gotten even worse in Seattle

Three people were killed and five others were wounded in a series of unrelated shootings across the City of Seattle Sunday morning.

It all started around Saturday night last call time in the bars. All too familiar. In Belltown, Chinatown, and Pioneer Square, and at Cal Anderson Park. I'm sure the phase of the moon didn't help.

And then last night, another homicide by gun up there, in the Lake City neighborhood. There was a shooting death in the Roosevelt neighborhood on Friday night, too.

It's happening all over our gun-infested nation.

At least 915 shootings took place across the country last week, leaving at least 430 people dead, according to ABC News and the Gun Violence Archive.

But the sleepy little Pacific Northwest used to be above it all. Alas, no more.


  1. This seems like premeditated planning (letting it happen, possibly supplying weapons). Last year is was riots and chaos, this year is it shootings. Why? To destroy the moral and ethical standards of our republic (destroy it from within).

    Just like last year, our corrupt political class said this is all just fine as America is so racist that people have a right to destroy property and set things on fire. This year, the same excuses- no big deal cause we are just so racist. Another big lie put into action.


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