An old boil flares up

People don't talk about it much, but there was a short time in 2009 when all of the following were true: Barack Obama was President, the Democrats controlled the House, and they had 60 votes in the Senate. And during that time, they got very little done. Nothing on taxes, with Wyden running Senate Finance. No Medicare for All, not even a public option for health insurance. Just the Blue Cross hash called Obamacare. That was the best they could do.

It was a time of scandalous wasted opportunity. And ever since, the Republicans have cleaned their clock.

There are many "moderate" Democrats to blame, but one of the biggest jerks blocking a true progressive agenda back then was Ben Nelson, "Democratic" senator from Nebraska. He was the Manchin of 2009. Nowadays old Nelson is a lobbyist, and this summer he's out there pre-peddling his book, in which he argues that there should be more sellouts like him or the world will come to an end.

Sorry, dude. It's way too late for that. Not buying. Thanks for nothing.


  1. The Dims let the insurance companies write the bill while they all invested in healthcare stocks because they knew the "public option" was never going to happen. And then they pulled the "everybody is covered" slight of hand, which they still continue spew at us. What good is "being covered" if you can't afford the payments?


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