A special Friday night in Wheelerville

Sam and Ted's most excellent downtown Portland "grand reopening" party weekend got off to a lively start last night, as expected. One guy was stabbed to death. Another lucky celebrant was both stabbed and shot on the transit mall, and he's in the hospital. No suspects have been apprehended, or even publicly identified.

The black bloc-heads marched around, too, but apparently they weren't in the mood to trash anything.

The cops didn't send as many people downtown as they said they would, because a sheriff's deputy was shot and killed up in Vancouver, and Portland police went up there to help catch the killer. Cop lives matter more than anything else. Also, several of the officers downtown were chewing gum, which further limited responses.

Hey, the party continues today and tonight. Head on downtown and enjoy what Portland has to offer!


  1. I used to live in that apartment complex some twenty plus years ago when I worked in Vancouver. It wasn’t a bad place save for a lot of the tenants, and the management was just horrible. Turns out the sheriff that was shot was one of the 3 that was involved in the Kevin Peterson shooting. Crazy huh?


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