Where the Stanford whiners are clerking

Just a quick followup to a previous story on the Stanford Law School Federalist Society satire incident. 

As I mentioned, some of the Federalist types who decided to get even with someone who made a good joke about them are now heading off to be law clerks to federal court of appeals judges. The blog Above the Law has dug up some details:

And we’ve found out, according to multiple sources, just who complained about the flyer. They’re Paul Draper (who will soon clerk for Sixth Circuit Judge Chad Readler — appointed by Donald Trump, natch), David Gonzalez (set to clerk for the Tenth Circuit’s Timothy Tymkovich), and Nick Venable (who’ll clerk for the Sixth Circuit’s Jeffrey Sutton).

And as I said, one or more of them will probably go on in a year or two to clerk for the right wingers on the Supreme Court. The best and the brightest, courtesy of Stanford.