The Blazers lost their last game of the season tonight. They played the same miserable game they had played Tuesday night in Denver. And got the same outcome. One, two, three, CancĂșn!

There are so many questions about what the coaching staff was thinking, or not thinking, in this game and in this series. But they're not even worth asking. It was a poor performance from just aboout everyone except the super-human Damian Lillard.

If owned the Blazers, I'd keep Lillard and blow up everything else, starting with the basketball staff but including most of the players. 

On the other hand, as a Dame fan, I hope they trade him. He deserves a lot better than ending his career a perennial loser in Portland.  The Blazers will never put a good enough roster and a good enough coach around him. He's got more talent and more soul than anyone who's ever played here. But it takes more than a Dolla to get anywhere these days.


  1. I think Brooklyn could use a little more talent... If Dame goes then it just verifies that small-market teams can only compete with lucky draft picks and rescued rejects. I say get rid of everybody not named Dame except Covington, Simons, and Zack and run it out one more time. A guy like Dillon Brooks would be a great add for defense.

  2. I doubt that Zach will ever really play in the NBA. In agreement that the rest of them can go. Ant could be something.


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