Send in the amateurs

Here's a fine idea from Portland City Hall and Portland State University: Hey, average person, show up at a Portland "protest," and it when it starts to get violent, "intervene" to keep the peace.

See you in the emergency room.

It reminds me of the 24 park rangers who are going to stop the gang warfare. Delusion after delusion. If the "peace police" are enough to keep things cool, they probably weren't needed to begin with. And when the bloc-heads get going, nobody in a blue vest is going to stop anything.


  1. If you could see the group of “peacekeeper’s” it would be even seem even more ludicrous. Only of the five or six looks like he could hold his own. One guy looks to be past retirement age and the rest a various collection of typical peaceniks. Good intentioned people but a bad idea.

    What Portland needs is a version of the Proud Boys but instead called “Proud Portlanders.” Kind of like the Guardian Angels from NYC, but local. But of course back when Portland did in fact have a local chapter of the GA, the local poplulace would had never allow this to go on this long. Believe me.

  2. Bring out the Water Cannon, puts out fires and cleans the streets. It was used during those idiotic 'Critical Mass' Bike protests.


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