Schrader the Traitor is at it again

Start your week off with the latest outrage from the Oregon "Democrat" who holds the congressional seat surrounding Salem.

Progressive Democrats’ concerns that their more centrist colleagues won’t support President Joe Biden’s larger spending and tax agenda are starting to bear out.

Oregon Rep. Kurt Schrader, a member of the fiscally conscious Blue Dog Coalition, said in an interview that he’s planning to vote against a budget resolution that would include reconciliation instructions for trillions of dollars in additional spending. Another moderate House Democrat, who requested anonymity to speak freely about a position that would upset party leaders, said the same. 

With those two expected “no” votes, Speaker Nancy Pelosi doesn’t have much more room to maneuver on that first step toward passing a big spending bill, let alone the reconciliation legislation itself that would contain all the details.

Does anyone know of a nice kennel for old dogs? Somewhere far, far away from the United States Capitol would be good.

This fellow needs to be primaried in the worst way.