Quotation of the Month

In the Weed, this comment on that hideous Travel Portland ad:

I read it and I turned to my wife and said, This ad just isn’t true.

When it says we’re a place of dualities, I say yes. But when it says that there are never polarities? That’s a lie. When they say anything can happen, we like it this way, that’s a lie. When they say, we’ve always been like this and we wouldn’t have it any other way, that’s a lie. We have a brutalized city.

We damaged our brand. We’ve damaged Portland’s credibility with the world. New Yorkers will look at this and they’ll call bullshit on it. Because they can’t read about what’s happened and have someone say to them, "We wouldn’t have it any other way," and believe them.

– Doug Lowell, former ad agency owner and one-time professor of advertising at Portland State University


  1. Is that a picture of plywood covering up a shop window?

  2. A minority opinion but that is pretty much the way it goes in this town.


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