Probation for a usual suspect

Federal Judge Anna Brown has given a 33-year-old man, Jeffrey Richard Singer, a year's probation for stealing a flag off the old Gus Solomon Court House and burning it in front of Portland police headquarters last September. The night's "fun" was chronicled on this blog here.

If you Google Singer, you can see that he's a regular in the "protest" set. 

 According to the story in the O, he had a busy fall:

Agents from Homeland Security Investigations watched Singer commit the crimes and also break out several Starbucks windows with a baton, according to [assistant U.S. attorney] Ratcliffe.

Two weeks later, Singer charged at an officer who was trying to arrest him, injuring the officer’s thumb, revealing his “recurring role in the nightly violence in Portland last summer and fall,” Ratcliffe wrote in his sentencing memo.

Singer was indicted on Oct 20 and charged with theft of government property and civil disorder. He was arrested and spent 18 hours in custody before he was released with the conditions he abide by a curfew and obtain a full-time job.

It looks like he got a free pass from the boy wonder county d.a., Mike Schmidt, on all of the foregoing. This was before Schmidt looked at his poll numbers and got religion, I guess. It was left to the feds, under Billy Bob Williams, to hold the guy accountable.

Anyway, the O rarely does mug shots any more, but the tighty righties of the internet sure do. Here's what they have on the fellow: