Portland's no. 2 cop may be bailing

The Weed has the scoop: Portland deputy police chief Chris Davis is a finalist for the job of police chief in Akron, Ohio. He's from Ohio originally.

In Portland, Davis is the acting chief when Chuck Lovell is out of town, which he seems to be when there's big trouble, like this week. You lose a guy like Davis, you lose a lot of experience. He's been on the force here something like 23 years. He was making $178,000 a year, a couple of years ago. As best I can tell from prowling around on the internet, the police chief in Akron makes quite a bit less than that.

Would you take a pay cut to no longer have to deal with the antics of your employer? You might if your employer was the Portland City Council.


  1. Aren't we ALL considering bailing? I can't believe this mess.

  2. My wife finally had it with the stupidity that's baked into Portland city government after fighting the good fight for 14 years. We're off to Skamaniastan.


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