Park Blocks pinheads double down

I see that three of the citizen defenders of the proposed rape of Portland's South Blocks have an opinion piece in the Oregonian today. This trio of urban planners exhibits all of the arrogance you've come to expect from their type. Namely:

1. The critics don't know what they're talking about.

2. Only we know what we're talking about.

3. We had a committee.

4. The elm trees are going to die eventually anyway.

And you've got to love this line of malarkey:

[T]he Green Loop will be a six-mile, leisurely, all-abilities connection to parks and neighborhoods throughout central Portland.

Let's ring the b.s. bell loud and clear on that one, shall we? Anything bike-y will become an immediate entitlement for the Spandex set, and they will use it to speed like hell on their precious two-wheelers. Sharing that space with them will not be pleasant for pedestrians. We already have more than enough bike lanes downtown.

I wonder how much money the three op-ed authors and their buddies are going to make, or have already made, as consultants on this deal. Maybe we should just pay them to go away, like we do with the abusive supervisors in the city bureaus.

It's funny that you didn't see the city commissioner supposedly in charge of the parks bureau signing today's article. That would be Carmen Rubio, a rookie on the City Council but a long-time denizen of City Hall. I wish some reporter would put a camera and microphone in front of her and ask her whether she wants to neglect, and then cut down, the elm trees so that we can install yet another bike freeway where the Park Blocks used to be.

I'm sure she'd hate such a question. This sort of thing can be hazardous to your PERS.


  1. Yeah, hi...I'm a resident of one of those 'park deficient neighborhoods' on Portland's east side. We've been screaming at city bureaucrats about doing something, anything, to save some of the rapidly disappearing open space for recreation...right in communities where Portlanders live. But, no...They want to keep shoveling it in to downtown. Who even goes downtown any more? I also understand that all that multi-family real estate proliferation that lines our neighborhood arterials and floods our already overburdened municipal amenities with new users has reputedly been generating shiploads of 'development fees', explicitly to address the burden on community amenities. Have we seen any product from those accumulating 'development fees'? Not that I'm aware of...can somebody point out any of that in SEPO?

  2. So they must put in a bike path and remove off-street parking to “Save The Trees?” Don’t those parking spots get used when there are events at the Schnitz or the other auditoriums/galleries around there? Do they think that Portland residents are that dumb to believe this line of reasoning? Stupid question........

    1. Oops.....I meant to say “On-Street Parking”, which doesn’t really matter if this goes through as it will be off-street. These planner types are just too much. Evidently they can’t stay idle for very long without coming up with ways to improve our lives. Whether we want it or not.

  3. The appeal from authority is the oldest trick in the book. Whatever happened to all the tree huggers and environmentalist? The city has become a bio-hazard and a concrete infill mess, but not a peep. Oh wait, they have a new religion- Wokism.


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