Iron, that's all

The bean counters at the National Basketball Association can't be too happy. None of the Eastern Conference first-round series went to six games, never mind seven. And the second-round teams in the Western Conference so far are Phoenix, Utah, and Denver – not exactly big markets. If Dallas eliminates the Clippers, the entire West Coast will be shut out.

That leaves the store-bought Brooklyn Nets as the last big money-maker in the picture. I can't imagine any of the remaining teams taking Brooklyn out, except maybe the Clippers, and the Clips could be setting sail as early as tonight.

Am I going to waste beautiful spring and summer evenings watching James Harden flop around? Maybe on tape delay, but maybe not at all. This season has seemed like a bit of a bust all around.


  1. The current NBA is unwatchable. Hardly any half court offenses, nothing but a few passes and then a three attempt, and lackluster defenses. Who wants to watch that? Might as well go to the park and watch a pick-up game.


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