Holiday joke

I see the local governments in and around Portland are suddenly "banning" fireworks. Ha! Ha!

First of all, who is going to enforce the "ban"? Do you think the cops around here are going to do that?  It's way beneath them. Maybe the fire commissioner, Jo Ann With-the-Bullhorn, will get out there and write some tickets. Sure.

And even if the cops did show up, what would the consequences be for violating the "ban"? Heck, check out this story, in which a guy literally shot up an apartment complex in the Multbomah neighborhood of southwest Portland last night. He fired something like 30 bullets into cars and occupied apartments.

He got pounded pretty good by some heroic neighbors, but according to the Trib, which is apparently the only outfit that covered the story, he was not booked into jail.

I repeat: Not. Booked. Into. Jail.

But fireworks are "banned." Uh huh. Sounds good.


  1. The "news" has already reported not to bother calling 911 to report violations as the police will not respond

  2. I heard the bullet rounds were mostly peaceful....

  3. Everyone's on the honor system in Portland.


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