Guess who torched the garment factory

Police say they have solved another senseless arson that destroyed a respected Portland business. This time it's the Portland Garment Factory in Montavilla, and lo and behold, it was allegedly one of the many homeless people who freely roam our streets, now with the express blessing of the state government.

Investigators say Andrea Renee Cadel set fire to the Portland Garment Factory on SE 79th. The blaze destroyed the building along with all materials and projects inside. The 3-alarm fire was so dangerous it put the lives of firefighters at risk, officials said.

The fire was started in a dumpster and spread up an exterior wall of a building, which led to a 3-alarm blaze that brought nearly 100 firefighters to Southeast Portland on April 19.

It's the same story we saw with Reo's Ribs in the Hollywood District.

What are we doing about it? Raising taxes by the billions, supposedly to solve the crisis, and dithering. A lot of dithering. Be careful out there.


  1. The city should create an official office of dithering. I wish Monty Python was still around, and assuming they would somehow be immune from the crybaby league, they would have a ton a new material of which to poke gaping holes.

  2. I could lead that office and I'd work for cheap because I'm on Social Security. I was born for that job.


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