Ginny's last day

After contributing mightily to the decline and fall of Oregon for a quarter of a century, one of the old people in the state legislature is finally leaving. Senator Ginny Burdick (D-Moon) is retiring.

Well, not really retiring. The governor, Killer Kate, has put Burdick on a cushy energy policy council that will greatly fatten her state pension. Burdick knows as much about energy policy as the guy sitting next to you on the Tri-Met bus, but you gotta pay to get some people to move on, I guess.

On her way out the door of the state senate, our fearless solon is leaving behind some parting gifts. If your Oregon taxes went up because you got a federal stimulus payment, she's got a note for you saying "Too bad." And if you run a business and like that "pass-through" deduction, better read the new fine print. She's dropped off a few nasty amendments there, too. And they're retroactive to the first of this year.

Farewell, tireless Goldschmidt lieutenant! We'll think fondly of you whenever our power goes out.