But it's a *dry* Apocalypse

Another new all-time record high temperature for Portland today. That'd be 112 degrees Farenheit. Yikes.

I was out walking for a few blocks at 7:30 this evening, and I got quite a shock. Between the sidewalk under me and the neighbors' retaining walls next to me, it was an oven, to be sure.

Tomorrow will be a rerun of today, they say – maybe even a few degrees hotter. But at sunset tomorrow, when the breeze shifts to the west, it's supposed to cool things down to 68 by dawn on Tuesday. That would be a 45-degree swing over nine hours. Let's hope.

Maybe we'll get a week or two before the wildfires drive us all back indoors with smoke. It's getting easier to imagine how the polar bears feel.


  1. Just as the mask mandate comes off, here come the fires. And remember, no fires could possibly be started by mostly peaceful arsonists.


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