Biden prime time is fading already

The Democrats in Congress are engaged in their usual folding act. They take a majority and fritter it away. They did it under Obama, and they're doing it again now.

We're nearly halfway through year 1, with little to show by way of federal legislation. The relief of being rid of Orange Caligula is nice, but where is the progressive lawmaking?

You saw what the Republicans did in 2017. They cleaned the Democrats' clock. Now that the shoe is on the other foot, you want the same result in the opposite direction, but it will never happen.

The Democrats have set it up to look like they all so fervently want perfection, but alas, the perfect is the enemy of the good. Come on, these are old people who have been at this game a long time, and they're smarter than that. They know that most of the things they natter about at election time are going nowhere, and that's what they want. Their corporate benefactors, who have made them all filthy rich, are doubtlessly quite pleased.

Memo to Steve Breyer: Please, please, please retire now.


  1. It's all one big club and you and I ain't in it. If you think the Dems are better than the 'Pubs, you are buying into the illusion. Of course they are not taking advantage of a majority- that is how the game works. But don't worry they will pass bills that benefit the club, you can bank on that.


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