Another world

I see Portland's gun violence crisis has made the national news today. It's an Associated Press story, picked up by OPB. And unlike our local media, the AP is using the "g" word, gang, to describe the situation.

There isn't much in the article that the locals don't already know, but there is one show-stopper of a paragraph repeating a recent statement from City Commissioner Jo Ann With-the-Bullhorn.

"The police have a role but their role is simply to solve crime — their role is not to prevent crime, their role is not to intervene in other community activities," Hardesty told KOIN 6 last month. "A response to gun violence should not be a knee-jerk reaction."

Remember that, Portlanders, as the corpse count rises. In her mind, the role of the police is not to prevent crime. Astonishing.

We need to do better in finding people to run the state and local government, before it's too late.