All in the family

Leave it to me to almost get the story straight. I've been blogging for a while now about the stock-picking antics of Senator Ron Wyden's wife, Nancy Bass Wyden. Silly me – the real stock moolah is being raked in by his son, Adam Wyden, who's making an obscene killing as a Master of the Universe.

Over the past decade, the younger Wyden, 37, has grown his bar mitzvah money and personal savings into a $350 million hedge fund in which his share is now worth $100 million.

The funny part: He recently moved out of New York (where his father lives) and relocated to Florida to avoid taxes. He says:

“I’m very disappointed with American governance right now. Do you think any of these guys actually know what they’re doing?”

I'm tellin' ya, somebody could make one hell of a hysterical sitcom out of the life of Ron Wyden.


  1. Yeah, the last time I saw Ron in person was some 25-30 years ago. He was waiting in line next to me at the Lloyd Center Burger King. The senator from New York sure has done good for himself. Haven’t seen him around since!


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