There's no vaccine for stupid

I see the media reporting that "protesters" were out "heckling" high school students in Bend the other day as the students showed up at a clinic to get their Covid vaccines.

I believe the word they want is "harassing."

Whatever your verb, I'm not surprised. In this country, every third person is an idiot, and every other idiot wants to tell you how to run your life, which they learn from Füx News. These ratios are probably a little higher in places like Deschutes County.

A few of the Bend looneys were probably packing guns, too. This being America and all.

I'm glad there were no "hecklers" where my daughter and I got our shots. People's powers of self-control are limited. If you don't want to be vaccinated, I guess that's your choice, at least for now. But you had better stay out of the way of the process.

And you should be required to say goodbye to a lot of things you like, such as air travel, sporting events, concerts, and restaurants. The politicians are dancing around vaccine passports – privacy, blah blah blah – but we need a high-tech system for proof of vaccination. And businesses should be encouraged to use it.

If we had a reliable vaccination record system, restaurants would be operating at 100 percent capacity this weekend. Planes would be full. And everyone on board would be inoculated.

Then the Bend QAnon warriors could make some real choices.