Teaching to the untested

Oregon's governor, "Killer" Kate Brown, decided early on that getting kids back in classrooms was at or near the very top of her priority list in responding to Covid. She killed off some old people so that every last high school gym teacher and principal's secretary could get their shots first. Hellbound and determined, she was.

So now the kids are back in school, and funny thing, cases in Oregon are surging again. 

Apparently people in their 20s and 30s are now being hit harder than ever. You know, the age when many people have kids in school.

And today we see that unlike most sensible places, Oregon isn't routinely testing children for Covid as they come to school. They all just have to say whether they have symptoms.

Okay kids, wear your masks properly and stay six feet away from each other. Okay, three feet. Okay, not when you're eating. No, you can't pick your friend's nose.

And let's get those indoor volleyball games and wrestling matches cranked back up, too.

Maybe the kids aren't sick, but don't you think they're spreading it around and bringing it home?

You really have to wonder sometimes what is going on in the alleged minds down in Salem. Between the political weaseling and the outright incompetence, they're killing people.

The local school boards are equally dangerous. Think about that before you vote them back in.